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UWIBA is focused on preparing and developing UW students for a career in Investment Banking. Our curriculum is built to act as a "bootcamp" to prepare students for the recruitment process and for summer analyst roles!

We offer two different tracks for students with different goals

Recruitment Track

This track is for students who are serious and commited to investment banking. Recruitment track offers more resources, connections, and be assigned a mentor. Members are expected to complete weekly quizzes, mock interviews, and attend events.

General Track

This track is for students who are interested in exploring a new field in finance, but not commited to recruiting. Members are not assigned a mentor, but will be given full access to guides, seminars, internship tracker, and speaker events. This track dissolves after Fall quarter.

Snapshot of our Training Program


Training Seminar + Guides

Members follows a year-long curriculum that covers behavioral and technical training, including accounting/valuations, presentation skills, and free access to 10+ guides and courses necessary to prep for any interviews.

Mentorship Program

Each member within recruitment track is assigned a mentor with experience navigating the recruiting season. Mentors are easily accessible and will help guide mentees from industry connections to mock interviews.

Financial Modeling

We teach hands-on Excel model building from scratch utilizing resources such as Pitchbook, CapIQ and Bloomberg. Models include discounted cash flow, public comparables, precedent transactions, leverage buyouts, and merger models.

Networking Events

Networking and coffee chats are crucial to landing an offer in investment banking. Our exclusive speaker panels, firm visit events, and coffee chat training will help members establishing their professional connections.

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