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UWIBA is focused on preparing and developing UW students for a career in Investment Banking. Our curriculum is built to act as a "bootcamp" to prepare students for the recruitment process and for summer analyst roles!

Finance Training


We will help prepare our students in understanding accounting principles, which will overall assist them in reading the financial statements, understanding different valuation techniques and in deciding if a company is a good investment. 

Financial Modeling

Financial Report

The finance seminars will lead our members in gaining the knowledge to successfully create financial models, a skill everyone needs in the banking world. These sessions are led by actual bankers from Cascadia Capital. All of our members will work on multiple case studies where they will create financial models, valuations, pitches, etc. 

Exclusive Info Sessions

Q&A Seminar

Our members have exclusive access and reserved spots for informational sessions held about company overviews, interview techniques, recruiting cycles.

Exclusive Networking Events


Our members have exclusive access and reserved spots to networking events held by local and national investment banks, private equity/venture capital firms and more.

Mentorship Program

IT Consulting

A personalized mentorship program that pairs each cohort member with a very specific industry professional to guide them through the recruitment process. Please scroll to "Our Partners" tab to see where our industry mentors come from.

Focus On Your Career

NYC Skyline BW

We are here to build your career and help you compete against top schools during the recruitment process in landing an elite role.

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